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Our story

The story of Synopsis Paris, Maison of perfumers, Wax Masters and Designers.

The story of Paris Synopsis is above all the one of a man, Cedric Merino-Riocher, his career, his encounters.

Native of Tours, Cedric expressed very early in his creative capacities manufacturer with its Great Mother own scented candles and taking over an old family tradition handed down from generation to generation. He acquires an extreme sensibility to the olfactive universe which surrounds him. That sweet and earthy of the mushrooms, picked in forests of Chinon every Sunday in autumn colors; the freshness of the kitchen garden and the pleasant smell of tomatoes stroked all afternoon long by the sun; the powerful taste of the wine, the pleasures shared around authentic products of the rural, the spices and 1001 colors of Grasse where he was student, he makes every year the harvest of the Rose of May.

His professional career made ​​him exploring the new technologies in sales and marketing positions before joining a famous record company.

However an obvious fact germ inside him : our daily life, our emotions, our memories have by nature an olfactory tone. Experienced self-taught, he then allowed to express his talent in creating interior perfumes, creations of emotions. With the intimate intuition to meet his fate, he decided to share his love of nature, flowers, spices, and tell stories around the candlelight, finally providing parenthesis in time with delicate and luxurious fragrances. Cedric Merino Riocher cover France and the world to find the rarest fragrance notes and delicate but also precious waxes: sunflower, Japan wax, candelilla of Mexico, carnauba Northeast Brazil ...

He also intervenes as a consultant in perfume creation and olfactory identity for major international brands.