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The raw materials used in scented candles and home fragrances.


Its essential oil is extracted from the leaves of the orange sour orange or small grain. Sour orange is a thorny and rounded tree, grown mainly in South-East Asia and the Mediterranean regions. But it is the Citrus aurantium from Paraguay which is the pride of perfumers. Indeed of this generous tree, we extract two others essential oils : some fruits, essential oil of bitter orange and its beautiful white flowers in June, the essential oil of neroli. The small grain from Paraguaygo into the composition of « Delicate Orange Blossom » and gives it a fresh touch.


The wood of gaïac is from South America and the West Indies. It grows in tropical forests. We extract its essential oil renowned for its anti-inflammatory virtues of its wood and its resin. Its heavy, yellow, in the fine and hard grain,was formerly used for theconstruction of dugouts. The legend of the wood of gaïac: According to a legend of the Indians of Colombia, the Earth was supported by four gaïac, who remained unwavering thanks to their firm wood. At the beginning of the world an unfaithful god was condemned to carry the ground on the place of four powerful gaiac what explains why the ground shake at the moment from time to time. The wood ofgaïac enters the creation of « African Roots » and brings it hot, woody and exotic notes.


The patchouly is especially cultivated in Indonesia and in the Philippines. It is a shrub, in fast growth which could reach one meter high. Its oval and wide leafs, for a long time petiolate and its white flowers with pale mauve are collected 2 - 3 times a year. The essential oil is made after drying and distillation of leaves. Its smell is powerful and in double facet: at the same time earthy, pleasant, oriental, fresh and camphorated. The essential oil of patchouly is recommended against the migraines and the fever. The essential oil of patchoulyis part of the composition of the « Meadow Poppies » and « African Roots ».


The rosewood is native of Guiana or Amazonia. Its name comes from the color of its dews veins. But this one is more known by the cabinet makers and the perfumers under the name of Anibarosaeodora. It is used in perfume shop for its fresh and slightly afforested notes.Its essential oil is used in aromatherapy for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. The Indians of Amazonia use it from time immemorial to heal wounds and sores. The essential oil of rosewood gointo the composition of « Peony, Queen of flowers » and « Meadow Poppies ».


The rose of Damask is a variety of very old flower stemming from the crossing of the "Rosa Gallica" and of the "Rosa Phoenicia". This rosebush which can reach more thantwo meters in height a summer was taken back from Persia in 1254 by Robert de Brie. We always find vast extents of this rosebush in Syria and in the Caucasus. It is after distillation in the steam that we obtain its subtle and sophisticated essence. The essential oil of the damask rose gointo the composition of « Rice Powder » and « Meadow Poppies ».


The bergamot orange is a citrus fruit looking like a big lemon. Its peel is yellow greenish, thick and riddled with vesicles. The fruit of the bergamot is harvested for its essential oil or to flavor the famous tea "Earl Grey". There are only 5000 hectares of fields of bergamots on all the planet distributed between Calabria (Italy) and Ivory Coast. This essence is therefore very rare and very expensive. Some big perfumers even bought to themselves plots of land of fields of bergamots to make sure an annual production essential to their creations. The essential oil of bergamot orange go into the composition of « Un Soir En Provence », « Gardenia of Secrets » and « Under the Fig Tree ».