Creators of scented candles

Maison of perfumers, Wax Masters and Designers

Our commitment

More than a philosophy, a commitment …

The perfumed candles and the home fragrances created by the house Synopsis Paris are proposals in the memories, in the feelings and in the sensory sharing. To reach in perfuming harmoniously your inside, our creations are realized with a lot of requirement.

The perfumed candles are realized from wax 100 % natural, that is beeswax and wax of soya.

Our wish is to pay tribute in the nature, such is our promise. Our approach eco-person in charge is more than a philosophy, it is a commitment.

It is the reason why we decided not to use of mineral wax (paraffin wax) neitherwax of palm(flipper) in our creations. Wick used in our candles are 100 % cotton and their supports are lack lead. Furthermore, the glass packagings and the luxurious cases and the caskets are recyclable 100 %.