Creators of scented candles

Maison of perfumers, Wax Masters and Designers

A Secular Art

The creation of the perfumed candles is a secular art, which require for a precision worthy of a silversmith.

If the candle existed since millenniums, it is in the 18th century when chemists were at the origin of the distribution of what we called the candle. In the Renaissance, the nobility and the clergy already got clearer with wax candles of bee and left to the people the lighting in the tallow. The wax candle of better quality was reserved for the highest spheres of the society.

For that purpose, the learning for the manufacturing of candles was of six years. The one who wished to go into the job by arriving to Paris, had to prove that he had made his six years of apprenticeship with his masters.

Waxmakers and soapmakers of the 18th century therefore spread the candle in residences and the first scented candle in the Cypress was created in the 50s by a famous perfumer, Jean-Baptiste Rigaud.

All the fragrances of the House Synopsis Paris are joining this tradition and are made with the biggest rigor and the same movements as his predecessors. Just like the biggest houses of perfume shop which sometimes look for several years to create a flavor, here the requirement is total to get the best made olfactory, a warm flame and a slow combustion.