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The House of Synopsis Paris, Maison of perfumers, Wax Masters and Designers

Each fragrance such the vast structure of recollection recalls unique images that populate our imagination, an unreal emotion and memory of personal stories.
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Because each fragrance recalls unique images and memory of personal and intimate stories, the House Synopsis Paris, interior designer fragrances and scented candles generously based on 100% natural waxes, makes ​​35 fragrances in the manner of botanists from the 18th century, evoking our daily memories, places with scents characteristics, or fragrances used by historical figures or the arts. The creations of the House Synopsis Paris are made ​​from the finest raw materials to revive together an emotion, a moment and that everyone starts to write his own sensory stories.

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Our story

Native of Tours, Cedric Merino-Riocher expressed very early in his creative capacities manufacturer with its Great Mother own scented candles and taking over an old family tradition handed down from generation to generation.

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Our commitment

The perfumed candles and the home fragrances created by the house Synopsis Paris are proposals in the memories ...

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A secular art

If the candle existed since millenniums, it is in the 18th century when chemists were at the origin of the distribution of what we called the candle...

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Our raw materials

Which are the raw materials used in our scented candles and interior perfumes...