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Scented Candles 50 hours - So Glam Chic | Synopsis Paris

The Scented Candles So Glam Chic 200g

Sparkling, glamorous and trendy, the collection of perfumed candles So Glam Chic will bring you numerous colors and scents in your house.

50 hours
Scented Candles So Black Chic 120g

The Scented Candles So Black Chic 120g

A sober and elegant product with a mystic touch, this magnificent black candle in the brilliant glints will know how to become integrated into perfect harmony with your interior design.

30 hours
Scented Candles 150 hours - 4 Stars | Synopsis Paris

The Scented Candles 4 Stars 850g

This candle in the golden reflections was born from the know-how of glass-makers and from our masters candle-makers. Accommodated in its magnificent box with hat, the perfumed four stars candle will bring you more than 150 hours of perfumed light.

150 hours

So Cube : Eco-concept design

So Cube is at the same time a design base for perfumed candles and an air freshener by perfumed bunch. Thought and drawn by Cédric Merino-Riocher, this unpublished object in the timeless lines offers you the possibility of unlimited decorating and perfuming your inside all year round..

So Cube: scented candle and reed diffuser
Discover So Cube in video
The Interior fragrances | Synopsis Paris

The Interior fragrances

The Interior fragrances

Discover our 13 fragrances of house and add an olfactive signature in accordance with your interior design.

6 months